Boyesen Rad Valve HONDA CR 125 1992-1997

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The Boyesen Rad Valve features a sophisticated array of performance attributes designed to provide peak horsepower gains, durability, and model-specific performance for each make/model/year machine. Each Boyesen RAD Valve is unique - tailor made to that model, year and displacement. With the new RC2 Rad Valve System, Boyesen engineers have created a lineage of aerodynamic intake technology by refining the primary performance factors required to increase peak horsepower through design innovation: Aerodynamic Surface Optimization, Model-Specific Reed Petal Tensioning, Material Fuel Resistance, and Multi-Stage Reed Timing. Together, these innovations create a new technological benchmark in intake performance. The next generation RC2 series Rad Valve results in an optimized air intake system that provides superior efficiency, peak horsepower gains, and acceleration for YOUR specific model machine. There are no compromises in power, no modifications. The Result: A true, bolt-on Power Boost!