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MotoVerde Bike Wash 5 Litre

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MotoVerde is a professional hi-performance bike cleaner. Incorporating a special blend of biodegradable surfactants designed to clean every part of your bike leaving behind a streak free, shiny finish. MotoVerde provides a powerful, penetrating action which releases the correct level of active cleaning agents to ensure perfect results each time.



MotoVerde does not attack aluminium or any other parts or panels on your bike even if used neat. Does not oxidise when in contact with any metal or anodised parts. Does not attack any plastic parts, carbon fibre parts or stickers.

Removes Mud, Dirt, Grime, Clay, Sand (including Clay and Sand staining from plastic parts) with minimum of effort. No other cleaner removes sand and clay stains from plastic parts like Pro-GreenMX does. Rejuvenates your kit from the first wash, removing Mud, Dirt, Grime, Clay, Sand etc.