MATRIX M3 Fuel Can

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Matrix Concepts  M3 Utility Can  (Various Colours)

Matrix M3 Cans have been the can of choice for a number of years, with an an ergonomic and now familiar shape and design, the 4 Gallon M3 Fuel Can is easier to pour with its 2 handle system. The M3 Utility can is also a great companion for the A2 Stand, as well as the M64, A1 or C2x.


  • Comes complete with transportation cap and 6" long extender durable industrial delivery hose spout with 1.250 plastic fill reducer with cap.
  • Overall dimensions: 22" X 9" X 8".
  • 3” extra wide fill cap or easy and quick filling.
  • Strategically placed side handle and special unique bottom handle for balance and easy handling.
  • Made from hi-quality HDPE plastic with heavy duty wall thickness.
  • Reinforced ribbed bottom for extra strength.
  • 4.0 gallon capacity makes the weight of the can easy to handle.
  • Utility Can includes an indent that allows the use of Matrix Concepts tie-downs to strap into place during transport.
  • Exclusive “name and number panels” give you the ability to personalize it, giving it the custom factory look.