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Mammoth Secure Gold Approved 12mm x 1.2m Square Chain With Shackle Lock

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If you are looking for the ultimate in security then you have just found it in this Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold approved chain lock. The chain is made from 12x12mm hardened Cr-Mo steel, formed into quality links that provide exceptional strength, resisting cropping and leverage from potential thieves. The lock body is made from hardened steel with a hardened 11mm Cr-Mo steel shackle, using a double-bearing mechanism and reinforced cylinder plates to make it incredibly resistant to drilling and picking.

This Mammoth product has passed the Sold Secure Test Standard in categories Motorcycle Gold and Motor Scooter Gold and is included in the Sold Secure Approved Products List. Sold Secure products are evaluated using methods approved by the Police and Home Office, use of this product can reduce insurance premiums with participating insurers.

  • Sold Secure Motorcycle Gold approved
  • Ultra heavy duty lock and chain
  • 12x12mm Cro-Mo square steel chain
  • 1.2m chain length
  • Hardened steel lock body with double bearing lock mechanism
  • Reinforced cylinder plates resist drilling and picking
  • 11mm hardened Cro-Mo steel shackle lock
  • Protective fabric sleeve
  • NB - this product was previously available as Thatcham Approved