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Kids Racing

MotoX is a very exciting sport and one that demands dedication, fitness, concentration, determination, co-ordination......... all good qualities for youngsters to achieve. Its because of this that parents are keen to encourage their children into this wonderful sport but there are many questions and pitfalls to the unitiated. MotoXtreme are particular supportive towards helping and getting youngsters on their tracks to maybe.............. well who knows what they might achieve. We are able to offer advice on correct machine choice, clothing, practice, clubs etc.
Its a great sport for the whole family to get involved, Dads can get involved in preparing bikes, Mums can provide food drink, organisation and Brothers and Sisters can come and cheer along and meet new friends themselves. In fact, there is no reason why the Sisters can not have a go themselves!!
Why not read on and if your question is not here, contact us, we will be able to help you.

What age can my child start?
A sensible age to consider a child to ride would be between 4-5 years old, which is known as the Cadet Class. Children can ride younger but they have a little more strength at this sort of age.Typical bikes of this type would be the Honda QR50 and Yamaha PW50.

Honda CRF50F


These bikes are smooth low power, single speed so the child does not have to worry about using gears. The suspension is short travel, thus giving the machines a low seat height. The Honda QR50 and Yamaha PW50 are great starter bikes enabling the rider to build up ability and confidence.
If your child wants to seriously race in this Class then you may well want to consider either the Husqvarna "Husky Boy" range or the KTM50. These are serious machines for the more experienced Cadets featuring more powerful engines and long travel suspension. Expect to pay in the region of £1100+ from new for one of these. If you cant afford new, we often are able to obtain these machines second hand.

CH515 Basic
Suzuki DR-Z70
Husqvarna CH515 Basic


MotoXtreme carries a constantly changing stock of New and Used schoolboy motox bikes, check for details. Our bikes start from around £400 for a schoolboy starter bike right up to the very latest models. Our large customer database allows us to source top quality second hand machines, so if there is a particular machine that you are interested in, let us know. All our secondhand machines are prepared in our workshop prior to despatch.

What equipment does my child need?
Safety equipment is very important, especially for the youngster who is starting out. Correct choice regarding size and type is very important and this is where MotoXtreme is able to offer you its wealth of impartial advice. Your child will need a good quality crash helmet which carries the ACU gold badge. The helmet must be fitted correctly as badly fitting helmets can be dangerous. Next would be well fitting motox boots designed to support the lower leg and ankle. Goggles are a must even if the child is riding alone. We also recommend full body armour, knee and elbow pads, jeans and shirt. Finally a good pair of gloves to stop the blistering caused whilst riding.

OK, I'm interested, what next?
At this stage you should now consider joining a local schoolboy motox club. Here, you will be able to meet like minded people who will be able to help you. Go along and watch some meetings to get used to how the day runs, talk to parents and riders in the pits who are usually only to happy to help. They will be able to tell you local areas that are available for practice. You will also require a means of getting the machine to and from practice sessions and meetings. The choice is a bike rack(which fits onto a towing bracket), a trailer or a van. Very often these items become available within a club.

Contact us, we may have the machine you are looking for.

Right, I've bought the bike, got the gear, joined a club and my child wants to race, what's next?
All that remains now is to obtain a competition license from the BSMA. The BSMA(British Schoolboy Motox Association) is the governing body for Schoolboy Motox in this country.***FIND OUT DETAILS ******

As my child gets older, what other classes are available?

Class Engine Size Age Range
Auto's 50 cc 6 to 8 years
Junior's 65 cc 7 to 10 years
Intermediate's 85 cc 9 to 12 years
Intermediate's 100 cc 11 to 15 years
Senior's 125 cc 14 to 17 years
AMX 125 cc 16 to 65 years

Where overlaps occur riders must decide at the commencement of the season which group they intend to compete within for that year and then, remain in that group for the entire season.
Autos are not eligable at any national event.

Below are some of the new Intermediate machines.

Kawasaki KX65
Kawasaki KX85A
Kawasaki KX85B
Kawasaki KX125
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